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Kenn Heeley

Kenn is a results orientated business professional and qualified accountant with many years experience in various industries and business ventures. Kenn's most recent activities include; 

  • the negotiations, total business re engineering and capital restructuring of a US chapter 11 situation, 
  • the negotiations and preparation of a manufacturing joint venture feasibility study for an Eastern European client, 
  • developing the concept and funding structure for an air bridge, third level commuter operation in the Caribbean, and, 
  • establishing a company to project manage the financing, development, marketing and manufacture of the first commercial amphibian aircraft programme for half a century. 

Kenn (SPA 14127) has many hours flying his Thurston Teal in Europe and believes that the conversion and manufacturing plans proposed, represent the last best chance of a new twin commercial seaplane reaching the market.

David B Thurston

David Thurston is recognised as one of the world's leading designers of amphibian aircraft. He has applied his many years of amphibian design experience to create a highly efficient hull, converting the Pilatus Britten Norman Islander into a low cost, high capability commercial amphibian. 

David provides expertise in all aspects of aircraft design, is an FAA DER and fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. At management level David has been actively involved at senior level in organisation, administration and operation of five aerospace manufacturing corporations. 

David has been widely published, but is best known for his reference works, "Design for Flying" and "Design for Safety".

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