Health Services Development


Abb. Blind & Visually Impaired Soc.
Abb. Com. Services Best for Babies
Abb Community Health 604-870-7841
Abbotsford Hospice Society
Abb Mood Disorders Assn. 604-854-9404
Abb Parkinsonís Self Help 604-853-0382
BC Cancer Foundation 604-851-4736
Canadian Blood Services
Caregiver Support Group 604-859-7681
Chronic Fatique/Fibromyalgia 604-855-9431
Coronary Health Improve. 604-504-7794
F.V. Brain Injury Association 604-557-1913
F.V. Breast Cancer Found. 604-853-8442
F.V. Down Syndrome Society 604-853-5563
iN Motion
Kidney Foundation 604-856-8218
La Leche Legue 604-850-7293
Multiple Sclerosis Support 604-859-2739
Out-West Training Studio 604-504-3130
St. John Ambulance
Stroke Recovery Assn 604-882-4672
Terpsicore Pilates & Movem. 604-853-9009
Welfare & Handicapped Rights 604-853-8009
ACS's Abb Addiction Centre

Providing a hand up!

Community Services
The United Way - F.V.
Community Futures - S. Fraser
Salvation Army
Food Bank 604-859-5749
Meals on Wheels 604-870-3764
Lunch with the Bunch 604-870-3764
Salvation Army 604-852-9305
Abb Childcare Resource 604-850-7934
Hand in Hand Child Care 604-859-1843
The Open Door Child Care 604-859-8406
Big Brothers & Sisters
Abbotsford Restorative Justice
Family Centre 604-859-7681

Building Abbotsford!

Vibrant Community - Tamarack
Abb Community Foundation
Abbotsford Connected Neighbourhoods

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